Why Are There Lines on My Print Job?


Commercial printers are designed to print out lots of pages at a faster pace than the small printer you have at home. But you expect more than just speed from your commercial printer. You also need every page that comes out of it to be crisp, clean, and readable. Most of the time, that’s exactly what you get. But there is a common problem that we have all dealt with: vertical lines down your print job. These lines not only look bad, but they can also often make your pages unreadable.

Here’s what causes lines on a print job and how to fix this common issue with commercial printers.


The Print Cartridge

Most printers use a print cartridge. Two parts make up most print cartridges: the toner and the imaging drum. Streaks and lines on your print job are most often the result of something getting stuck in the print cartridge or the cartridges not having been cleaned properly. If the problem is bad enough, you’ll see shading on the page, rather than just vertical lines. To avoid this problem, you should always handle the print cartridge with care. Never shake the cartridge when replacing or installing it as that can damage its contents.  

Troubleshooting Issues

It is relatively simple to figure out if your print cartridge is the source of the lines on your print job. To confirm that the cartridge is the issue, you have to check and visually inspect it. Open up your printer and carefully remove the print cartridge. If you see any lines or marks in the image drum, those are likely why you have you have imperfections on your printed pages. At this juncture, the best thing to do is replace the cartridge with a new one. Once you’ve done so, print off a test document. If the pages come out clean, you’re good to go!  

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