Are Commercial Printers What Your School Needs?


Although schools are doing their best to switch to electronic documents whenever possible, teachers and students still need to print a lot. When it comes to choosing copiers and printers for your school, there are several factors that you need to consider. At Merrimack Valley Business Machines, we sell and lease printers and copiers to businesses and institutions that need to do a high volume of printing. Choosing the right copiers or commercial printers for your school is a significant decision that affects your budget, so you want to get it right.

Use these tips to pick the right commercial printers for your school.


Buy or Lease?

The first question to answer is whether you want to buy or lease a copier or printer for your school. If you are in a larger public school district, buying almost always makes more sense. Smaller schools that do not operate in the summertime can sometimes get away with leasing a copier or printer. If your school is between machines and you want to test out a particular model before deciding to purchase it, leasing can also make sense in that situation.  

Support Services

The next question you’ll want the answer to is what kind of support service you’ll get with the purchase or lease agreement of a particular machine. Your expertise is in education, so you shouldn’t be expected to know how to troubleshoot commercial printers, too. And there will be several teachers, administrators, and students using your copier or printer, so you want to make sure it’s in working order at all times. When you buy or lease a copier from a vendor like MVBM, support services are part of the deal.  


Once you know whether you’re buying or leasing and that the vendor has the support services you need, you can get down to the technical requirements. Any copier or printer will be able to copy and print, but you might need further features. Schools often need a machine that has a fax function, for example. Schools need students’ medical records, and most doctor’s offices still use faxes. You should also determine whether you print or make copies more often. As we said, all machines will do both, but most are designed with one or the other in mind.  

Commercial Printers and Copiers from MVBM

School is already in full swing, so your school needs a working printer than can handle the volume. If you think commercial printers are what your school needs, Merrimack Valley Business Machines has the printers and copiers you need.  

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